A Wedding Wager - Jane Feather WARNING: SPOILERS AND GIFs AHEAD!

So, that was it? I swear, I read this entire book, and not once did I see a "wedding wager" mentioned. Not once. I'm still waiting.

It's possible that the "wager" referred to in the title and on the back cover is actually the whackadoodle premise that made this book happen in the first place. A Wedding Wager is the second book in a series about three brothers who are set to get a tremendous inheritance from their crazy and perverted old uncle. However, because this uncle is both crazy and perverted, the brothers have to meet his terms before he kicks the bucket. They must each find and marry a "fallen woman," thus "redeeming" her in they eyes of - I don't know - God? Society? King George? I'm assuming that explaining the situation any more would have further highlighted how wackadoodle the premise is, and Jane Feather wouldn't want that. So perhaps the "find a whore and marry her" plot is the wager? Or maybe there was some secret wager about whether or not I could finish this book?

Well, it was tough, but I totally finished it! HA!

Basically, this is the story of two people who are meant for each other easily realizing that they are, in fact, meant for each other and finding their happily-ever-after. From the very first page, there's no question that the Honorable Sebastian Sullivan is a totes hot, totes good guy who loves his soul mate, Lady Serena. But Serena has a few problems. She's maneuvered by her asshat of a step-daddy who forces her to work in his gambling hells and flirt with gentlemen. In the prologue, Serena breaks Sebastian's heart because Evulz Step-Daddyz said so, and this results in 3 years of sadness and woe for the main couple. But look at that second chance at love on the horizon! Serena and her demonic (step)dad return to London, and Sebastian finds that he is still very much in love with his very own daughter of caro. Unfortunately, Dr. Evil the Step-Daddy has plans to sell Serena's feminine wiles to an icky earl, and this could get in the way of true love! Hmmm. Will Sebastian go ahead and marry the exact kind of woman the convenient plot device - er, crazy uncle - tells him to, or will the characters run circles around the easy resolution in order to coddle a group of secondary characters that I don't give a damn about?

Well. Since the "wedding wager" is so elusive, we have to get a plot out of something. And once that plot was gained, no man was going to tear that plot away until at least several hundred pages were squeezed out of it.

An Illustration of the Plot in This Book
I'll never let go!

The Characters:
Sebastian and Serena are okay people in this book. Neither of them are particularly interesting, but Serena's tortured past involving her Evil Step-Daddy was enough to keep me interested. The secondary characters are tedious, to say the least. A huge portion of the plot is dedicated to Serena protecting some vapid little social-climber from falling into Evil Step-Daddy's clutches. And sure, I suppose that's a noble story. Still, if I wanted to read about some dumb girl's struggles to marry the boy from home she truly loves over some lecherous cretin, I would have read a book about her.

The Romance:
The chemistry isn't all there, in my opinion. I get that Sebastian and Serena had all of their "firsts" before the book started, but that doesn't mean it was OK to skip out on all the simmering tension between them. Hell, they've been separated for three years! Where's the passion? The yearning? It doesn't help that the sex is kind of weird. Like, not weird in the characters doing weird things sense. There's just very little emotional connection. The scenes are shockingly short for a book published in 2011, and everything feels rushed. The sex scenes are frequent, but they're so passionless that Sebastian and Serena could have been talking about their grocery lists and I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference.

The Writing:
The writing isn't bad, but the plot movement isn't particularly inspiring. I probably would have DNF'd this one, but finishing it became a matter of pride for me. The book isn't awful. I'm just kind of "meh" about it.

"A Wedding Wager" is a part of my Care-Package-Ageddon series of book reviews in gratitude to my GR friend Karla for sending me a GIANT BOX O'BOOKS. She said I "might" like some of them. o_O