Seduced By Your Spell - Lois Greiman The heroine really annoyed me in this one, mainly because she remained willfully reckless throughout the text and was never held accountable for it. The romance was OK, but I'm not quite sure if it was real. At times, the H/h seemed like they were under some type of love/lust spell (ie. getting all horny for each other and practically dry-humping in a crowded ballroom), but that was never really explained. At one point, the heroine, aware that the hero was watching from a distance, masturbated against a tree, which made me do two things. First, I laughed, like, really hard. Seriously. That took some velociraptor-level balls to write. Secondly, I cringed. BECAUSE SHE MASTURBATED AGAINST A TREE! "Oh, yes, dear vagina of mine, meet tree bark. Tree Bark, take this bitch for a ride!" I mean, wouldn't that hurt like the fucking devil? And yes, she was completely naked when she molested Mr. Tree, and yes, I had to read pages and pages of exposition about how the hero was totally jealous of Mr. Tree. Rational people, even rational people in romance novels, don't do these things. So my suspension of disbelief was not stretched too thin for the "magical coven of witches" part. It was shattered when I read about the romance. That isn't a good thing.

Now I'll have to Crazy-Romance-Heroine-Bitch-Proof the trees in my yard. Damn it.