Social Suicide (Deadly Cool, #2) - Gemma Halliday The second book in the Deadly Cool series features all of the fun humor and mystery I enjoyed in the first installment. And by all, I mean freaking ALL of the same things I enjoyed before.

This story followed a very, VERY close formula to the first (LIGHT SPOILERS AHEAD):
- Girl is found dead.
- Hartley takes it upon herself to prove girl was murdered.
- Hartley comes up with lots of bad ideas and lies to adults AND authorities.
- Inconsequential flirting with Chase.
- More people get hurt.
- Hartley continues to be a very bad detective.
- Hartley ends up in life-threatening danger.

There's nothing wrong with that formula. I actually think it's charming that Hartley's a crappy detective. She has spunk and determination instead of unrealistic super-spy(!) gifts, so it adds more tension to the plot. Alas, a lot of the tension from this plot was removed because it was so similar to the first book.

I don't regret reading Social Suicide. The understated, often horribly AWKWARD romance is a refreshing change in the YA genre, and Hartley's ability to stay alive despite her childlike incompetence keeps the narrative rolling at an easy-to-read pace. I just hope that the third book either grows on the existing formula or changes it. Times are tough, and I don't have the disposable income to read the same book three or four times. That's right. This review just got ECONOMIED!