Status Update: Only the Rich & Pretty are Deserving of Praise

Twilight  - Stephenie Meyer

So Bella spends 2 pages bitching about and internally insulting every person who's being nice to her. Eric is "Chess Club Eric." Jessica is desperate for attention. Mike is a "golden retriever," but she can't help but notice that he sits next to a "girl with braces and a bad perm." Her dad can't cook anything but bacon and eggs. Assholes, all of them, according to Bella. 


But then she spies the Cullens at the grocery store ...


I hadn't noticed their clothes before - I'd been too mesmerized by their faces. Now that I looked, it was obviously that they were all dressed exceptionally well; simply, but in clothes that subtly hinted at designer origins. With their remarkable good looks, the style with which they carried themselves, they could have worn dishrags and pulled it off. It seemed excessive for them to have both looks and money. But as far as I could tell, life worked that way most of the time. It didn't look as if it brought them any acceptance here.


No, I didn't fully believe that. The isolation must be their desire; I couldn't imagine any door that wouldn't be opened by that degree of beauty.


What-the-fuck-ever, Bella. 



Maybe the Love For All Time isn't all about Edward. I'm beginning to think that Bella wants to hump his whole family.